Back in time for the WDR

Are you familiar with WDR Digit? This programme on WDR digitalises your old photos and videos and builds a very interesting historical pool of footage of NRW and the Rhineland.

A while ago we had a great little job for the WDR: based on old analog photographs we showed how Cologne, Düsseldorf & Leverkusen have changed through the course of time.

The biggest challenge here was to reconstruct the original camera positions in order to incorporate our video footage from this day one-to-one in to the historic documents.

Besides loads of fun and excitement while out shooting, this task bestowed on us the drawing and animating of 300 masks and retouching 30 license plates. The things people will do for art…

Client: WDR Digit
Services: Camera, Compositing, Animation, Color Correction, Encoding
Year: 2016